Here's a non-exhaustive list of all projects I've worked on and built.


Robot-learning projects including a Bayesian Optimization framework for robust MPC policy search, a VAE-based latent dynamics model from raw images, GP models for learning uncertain dynamics and classic Model-free RL algos (PPO, PG) implementation.

Phoenix is a real-time aerial wildfire tracking and forecast system. Wrote PCA, random forest, CNNs and sequence models from scratch. It was selected as a National Winner for NASA SpaceApps 2020.

A fully-homomorphic encryption scheme based on hardness of RLWE problem with support for ciphertext addition and multiplication through relinearization, modulus switching. Crypto class final project.

An occupancy based risk-aware path planner for delivery drones built in six hours for a stealth startup's virtual onsite interview.

BruhBot ecosystem included tooling for our online classes during Covid built with, a memeAPI, media backup workers, smart class note taking, reminder tracking, yearbook/zoom automation etc.

college-app-cli is an interactive terminal app for school counselors to track student college applications and manage application materials. Developed as my final class 12th CBSE CS project. [gh]

cool math, art and code including a maze generator and solver, mitosis simulator, 3d terrain generators, menger sponge, fractals, space invaders, hunt the wumpus, hangman, minesweeper etc. [gh]

Matrix processing library from when I first studied linear algebra. [gh]

MOCP discord rich presence library for Unix music players. [gh]
Mostly class projects including (~)RISC-V assembler, simulator, multiplier, linker along with pipeline and cache simulators in C. Tarjan's pairing heap, SQL-like relational database, a Pokémon Battle simulator with optimal TSP tour, image resizing with seam-carving, Piazza posts classifier, a real-time Star Wars themed stock exchange and a Euchre simulator in performant C++.
coeby is your friendly college of engineering bulletin helper. Find what courses you need, when; know the pre-reqs with a graph. [wip]

vasco is the UMich campus locations, buildings database and api. Feeder to an ongoing project with maps and scheduling. [gh]
An event management platform built with Django and used for 1.3k students during the 25th International Tech Symposium, Exun 2020.

Also, a job portal [gh], link shortener [gh], meme generator [link], real-time internet karma calculator and leaderboard [link], an AirBnB for tour guides [gh], Conway's game of life [link], a persistent dataserver [gh], a starter template for hackathons [gh], a magazine launch app [link] and the prettiest weather app you'll ever use :) [link]